Linda Shull Designs – Watches

These limited edition glass watches are handmade in the US by the artist Linda Shull.

The watch mechanism is guaranteed for one year. Each runs on a battery that will last approximately 1-2 years.

The reflective colors within the glass are a series of separate coatings of layers of metal oxides. Linda combines this glass, which is called Dichroic (Dye-CROW-ick), with various colors of art glass. The glass bands are created in kilns where temperatures reach up to 1475 degrees.

The Watches are available in 3 basic sizes and include both styles for Women or Men. Women’s Styles are Small (5 3/4″ wrist) Medium ( 6 1/2″ wrist ) & Large (7 1/2″ wrist). They are intended to be worn a little loose, like a bracelet. Men’s Styles Small Med (7.25” wrist & Med/Lg 7.50” Wrist .The magnetic clasp is either sterling silver or vermeil.

The watch mechanism is guaranteed for one year. Watch faces are custom designed & specially made for Shull Design Studio.

Style #36 is a Breast Cancer Awareness Watch. Part of the profits of this watch are donated to Breast Cancer Research.